Ms. Haruka Tokunaga won the ICSANE 2021 " Young Scientist Award ".

2021年11月11日から11月12日にオンライン開催された、国際会議ICSANE 2021 (International Conference on Space, Aeronautical and Navigational Electronics 2021)において、 徳永 遥さん(博士前期課程2年)が Young Scientist Awardを受賞しました。この賞は、上記国際会議において優秀な人に贈られる賞です。

SocietyICSANE 2021
ThemeDrone‑based Millimeter‑wave Radar System Using Fiber-optic Technologies

In order to expand the use of millimeter-wave (MMW) radars in non-destructive inspection applications, a drone- mounted radar system has been developed by using the photonic techniques. The system provides fast data acquisition speed of 0.4 msec for a single sweep over 30-GHz bandwidth, which corresponds to 11-mm spatial resolution for the range detection. The developed radar system has successfully been applied to the wall of a real chimney to measure the thickness of refractory materials.

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