Nguyen Pham Hai Huy君 First PEM International Workshop  Best Student Presentation Award

2015年11月27日から28日に同志社大学で開催された、First PEM International Workshopにおいて、Nguyen Pham Hai Huy君(D1)が最優秀学生講演賞を受賞しました。この賞は、講演会参加者による発表において優秀な人に贈られる賞です。

学会名First PEM International Workshop
題目Evaluation of DAST Crystals for Nonpolarimetric Self-heterodyne Electro-optic Detection of Terahertz Waves

An electro-optic sensing has been attracting a significant research interests owing to its ability to visualize electric-field in the near-field region for characterizing and diagnosing devices such as antennas, especially in terahertz (THz, 0.1 – 10 THz) region.
Using 4-dimethylamino-N-methylstilbazolium tosylate (DAST) crystal as an EO sensor is promising to measure electric-field with a higher sensitivity. However, the intrinsic problem of conventional EO detection system used to limit the practical uses of the DAST crystal. Our nonpolarimetric self-heterodyne EO detection technique can solve the intrinsic problem. In this conference, the evaluation of DAST crystal, which was fabricated in the cooperative research with ARKRAY Inc., in our system was presented and discussed. The enhancement of the detected amplitude value by DAST sensor is 9 times higher than that by ZnTe sensor at 125 GHz as shown in the figure. This experimental results also agree well with the theoretical calculation from the sensitivity factor of both sensors.

Figure: Experimental results of the detected
THz waves at 125 GHz by DAST and ZnTe sensors.

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