兪熊斌君 MTSA2017 “Student Oral Award” 受賞

2017年11月19日から23日に岡山コンベンションセンターで開催されたMTSA 2017-OptoX Nano-TeraNano「the 4th International Symposium on Microwave/Terahertz Science and Applications」および「the 8th International Symposium on Terahertz Nanoscience」の国際会議において,兪 熊斌(博士1年生)が Student Oral Award を受賞しました.

SocietyMTSA 2017-OptoX Nano-TeraNano
ThemeHighly Efficient and Broadband Coupling Between Resonant Tunneling Diode and Photonic Crystal Waveguide for Terahertz integrated System

 Terahertz (THz) wave frequency range (0.1–10 THz) is located between radio waves and light waves. Currently, a wide variety of applications of the THz wave are being developed, including high-data-rate wireless communication and high-resolution sensing and imaging. Such THz systems are typically large as they are composed of bulky and discrete components. The conventional metallic waveguides do not satisfy the requirements of THz integrated systems, such as low loss, planar structure, and low cost. Here, we propose a photonic crystal (PC) waveguide as a platform for the THz integrated technology. We also focused on resonant tunneling diodes (RTDs) as THz source and detector for their integration, owing to the compact and simple structure. We report on how to achieve a higher coupling efficiency with broadband properties by integrating the PC waveguide with the RTD. Finally, we achieve real time 9Gbps error free high data rate and 4K demonstration using the integrated device as a receiver.

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