兪 熊斌君 PIERS 2018 "Best Student Paper Award" 受賞

2018年8月1日から4日に富山国際会議場で開催された国際会議PIERS 2018 (Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium)において,兪 熊斌(博士2年生)が Best Student Paper Award を受賞しました.この賞は,上記国際学会に参加した学生のうち,極めて優秀な人に贈られるものです.

SocietyPIERS 2018
ThemeIntegrated Circuits Using Photonic-Crystal Slab Waveguides and Resonant Tunneling Diodes for Terahertz Communication

We herein develop a terahertz (THz) integrated system based on electronic and photonic technologies. Photonic crystals provide a promising platform to integrate electronic devices such as resonant tunneling diodes (RTDs) with photonic devices such as photonic-crystal waveguides. However, the size difference between the RTD and the photonic-crystal waveguide is a major challenge for this study. Hence, we present and compare the Yagi–Uda and tapered-slot coupling structures to enable the development of a synergic technology based on electronic and photonic technologies. We successfully develop integrated devices such as a THz transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) for a 12 Gbit/s error-free THz communication link. Furthermore, we demonstrate uncompressed 4K video transmission using the developed RTD-based Tx and Rx devices.

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