兪熊斌君 APMC 2018 "Student Prize" 受賞。

2018年11月6日から9日に京都国際会館で開催された国際会議APMC 2018 (Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference)において,兪熊斌(博士2年生)が Student Prizeを受賞しました.この賞は,上記国際学会に参加した学生のうち,極めて優秀な人に贈られるものです.

SocietyAPMC 2018
ThemeHighly Stable Terahertz Resonant Tunneling Diode Oscillator Coupled to Photonic-Crystal Cavity

This paper presents an experimental study on the frequency stabilization of a terahertz resonant tunneling diode (RTD) oscillator by integrating the RTD with a high-Q photoniccrystal cavity. We fabricated a planar photonic-crystal cavity with a loaded Q-factor of 1700, and efficiently coupled the RTD to the cavity. Thus, for the first time, we succeeded in reducing the oscillation linewidth from 5 MHz to 150 kHz at 329 GHz oscillation frequency.

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