匂坂知貴君 MWP 2020 "Young Scientist Award" 受賞。

2020年11月24日から26日にオンラインで開催された The 2020 International Topical Meeting on Microwave Photonics (MWP 2020) において,匂坂知貴君(大学院2年生)が Young Scientist Award を受賞しました.この賞は,学生もしくは35歳以下の研究者によるプレゼンコンテストにおいて優秀な人に贈られる賞です.

SocietyMWP 2020
ThemeIntegrated Terahertz Optics with Effective Medium for 600-GHz-Band Imaging

Terahertz waves hold potential in industrial imaging applications, to detect sub-millimeter defects and undesired foreign materials. However, terahertz imaging systems are generally bulky due to the need for optical components, and this is a key issue that has limited the scope of practical applications. In this work, we address this limitation by integrating terahertz optics in micro-structured intrinsic silicon. Four half-Maxwell fisheye lenses and a beam splitter are directly integrated together, and fabricated from a single silicon wafer, to realize a terahertz imaging system for the 600-GHz band. The device is evaluated with both full-wave simulation and experimental techniques. It is found to exhibit ultra-wide bandwidth as a spatial mixer, which is beneficial for low-coherence imaging using a terahertz noise source. The proposed method demonstrates a promising new approach for imaging and sensing applications using compact terahertz devices.

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