Alex Koala君がIRMMW-THz 2021においてKeynote speechを行いました。

Alex Koala gave a keynote speech at IRMMW 2021 on the topic “Terahertz RTD chip backside-coupled to photonics crystal waveguide”.

Society46th IRMMW-THz 2021
ThemeTerahertz RTD chip backside-coupled to photonics crystal waveguide

In his talk, Mr. Koala presented a novel coupling technique for the integration of resonant tunneling diodes with photonics crystal platform through the backside coupling method. In this method, the RTD chip is inserted into a cup cut out of the photonics crystal waveguide in a way that the chips substrate is in direct contact with the silicon. Because the refractive index of silicon is close to that of indium phosphide, quasi-index matching is achieved with this technique. Theoretical results revealed coupling efficiency of 77% using a single chip which is a significant improvement compared to previously reported coupling techniques. Using this technique, data rates of 12Gbps were achieved, allowing the demonstration of uncompressed 4K high definition video transmission. On going efforts are trying to reach much higher data rates and demonstrate more applications.

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