2023年12月5日から12月8日にかけて台湾にて開催された、国際会議APMC2023(Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference)において、5G system, Active Devices, Waveguidesなど様々なセッションで研究室関係から8件の発表を行いました。

Weijie GaoTerahertz Communications with Fundamental Balanced Mixer Based on Fermi-Level Managed Barrier Diode
Weijie GaoPhotonic-Enabled 1.04 Tbit/s Aggregated Data-Rate in the 600 GHz Band
Ngo NguyenWR-2.2-Band (330-500 GHz) Packaged Resonant Tunneling Diode Receiver Module for Terahertz Communications
市川大暉Evaluation of Polymer Dielectric Properties in Terahertz Band using Planar Resonator
川本勇真Integration of Resonant Tunneling Diode with Broadband Dielectric Waveguide using Corrugated Mode Converter
小原嵩弘2-mW-Output Power Uni-Travelling-Carrier Photodiodes in 300-GHz-Band
小藪庸介Ultrawide-band Millimeter-wave Photonic Rader Mounted on Drone
吉岡登暉Photonic-based 130-Gbit/s 300-GHz-Band Wireless Communication over 13 Meters
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